• Ammarah Kabir


It's odd writing something on my own accord. No brief to abide by or structure to follow. For years I've written with one hand tied behind my back and now I have a space to share all the voices in my head. I'm not crazy, maybe I am, but then again who isn't.

The thing is, I've written stories and plays for as long as I can remember. I would embody the characters I wrote about because I was too afraid to live the life they were pushing for. In a way, I think we all do it. Some through music, through writing and even through gaming. We all mask an identity we wish we embodied yet have never had the courage to express.

This blog is my inner voice, the journeys I've had, the stories I've come across and the opinions I have. I don't expect this to be a life-changing blog, heck, I don't even expect people to read it. But as long as my thoughts are out on paper (screen) the voices in my head can sleep easy at night.

If you're still reading Hi! I'm Ammarah.

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