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To make the journey a little less lonely I joined forces with some of the best creators. We laughed, ate and then realised we should do some work.

Image by Thought Catalog


British Asian Women’s Magazine is a magazine designed for inclusivity. The idea behind the magazine was to provide information about South Asian women living in the western world, for South Asian women living in the western world. 


Fitting in such a category, I noticed we were overlooked and subjected to certain stereotypes. Hence why I wanted to echo a voice which was made silent and write articles addressing issues within our community.   

Image by Toa Heftiba


VLR Stylist is an American stylist service that is dedicated to helping women reflect their inner beauty on the outside. The service acts as a personal shopper and personal stylist. 

I work with the graphic design team to ensure the copywriting matches the design. This helps engage the audience and creates easier and simple access to the site. I also work alongside the stylists to create helpful blogs on all things fashion and push for a wider audience using SEO techniques. 
The tone used throughout the website and social media platforms are inclusive and chatty. There is no age on the language used, so it makes it much easier for all to comprehend and feel welcome. 

Image by Ashley Harkness


Blueline Learning is a training resource used by the police and fire services in the UK. My role as a cybercrime scriptwriter is to research, write and edit scripts for the training videos provided. Due to privacy policies, I am unable to disclose scripts to the public, however, you can view a showreel of the work produced from pre-production to post production and the final cut.  

Image by Iñaki del Olmo


Law Miracle is an online website which publishes articles specific to global-commercial current affairs. More recently, Law Miracle has ventured into producing articles regarding Human Rights matters across the globe. The website differentiates itself from others as it provides factual pieces with referenced footnotes. This ensures that there is no false information provided to its readers.

As a strong believer in making one's voice heard, I have joined the content team to publish articles regarding the worlds failure to protect vulnerable individuals and their human rights.

Image by Vitaly Sacred


Design by Naain, or better known as Hasnain, is a graphic designer who specialises in branding and web design. I had the pleasure of collaborating with him for numerous projects as well as doing the copy for his whole website. 

Radio Interview


Talk About is a platform designed for young contributors to discuss, share and network with professionals in a developing environment.


My role as a contributor was to provide written and visual content regarding political and social issues. My aim for these pieces was to create some form of controversy which can be developed into a talking point for young minds as well as professionals. I wanted to see the opinions of all generations on the matters discussed. 



DesiBlitz is a multi-award-winning web magazine which provides an insight into news and gossip centred around the South Asian Community.

As a News Writer and Editor, it was my role to research and write articles surrounding the global Desi Community. The articles varied from criminal injustices to current affairs. I also wrote pieces on celeb gossip and anything which proved relevant and interesting for the South Asian Community. 

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